The Wise Guy

IBU: 8
OG: 0
ABV: 5.0%
HOPS: El Dorado
MALT: Ale, Pilsner, Wheat (Adjuncts: Mango Puree)

This wise guy is a fast talker but definitely not a straight shooter. He’s got the answer, before you even ash the question. He’s the top lady’s right hand man and untouchable by the law and doesn’t he know it. For our 2019 GABS beer we have been inspired by a class Aussie Ice-cream, The Weis Bar and adda CoConspirators twist. We have taken a kettle sour beer and added a ridiculous amount of mango and a hit for lactose to take you back to summer afternoons in the sunshine. Aromas and flavours of ripe mango, stone fruit, creaky sweetness to take you back to your childhood and maybe sneaky adult) summers.

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