The Diplomat Elderflower Saison

Get down and have your first taste of The Diplomat Elderflower Saison, together on tap with The Butcher Red IPA, The BeanCounter Coffee Porter and The Bookie Pale Ale at Dr Morses in Abbotsford.

About The Diplomat Elderflower Saison:
She grew up in the Belgium countryside, surrounded by small family farms. Her childhood was spent making flower crowns on sunny days, eating fresh citrus produce from the orchid, and running through lush hills and valleys with her brothers and sisters. And everywhere she went, the smell of elderflowers ran thick in the air. But since entering the world of ‘diplomacy’, she had barely thought of her childhood. She had never imagined her world would become so dark, and her responsibilities so heavy. But as she sat in the field, one eye closed as she looked through her gunsight at her next target, the faint aroma of elderflower drifted by, and suddenly, for just one moment, she was transported back to those days.

Where: Dr Morse, 274 Johnston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3067
When: Saturday Sep 23 2017
From: 2pm

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