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5 October until 25 December
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The Fuzz

Peach and Passionfruit sour

ABV 4.5%

Don’t be fooled by the Fuzz, this one is not here to ruin your fun. A drop of sunshine in the glass, the sweetness of peaches matching it with the tangy acidity of passionfruit make for a refreshing combination. This beer is guilty of providing fruity refreshment.



Conspiring to make great beer

The brainchild of two couples –

Jacqui Sacco, Tim Martin, Maggie and Deon Smit,

the origins of Coconspirators Brewing Company started off as a hobby but quickly became an obsession.

We want to conspire to make great beer!

Current Releases

The Customiser

The Customiser

West Coast Pilsner 5.5%
When your ride’s running hot, you need The Customiser and her chop shop. Pimped out pilsners are her specialty; hydrating hydraulics, suspensions to savour, and malt modifications that’ll get your ...
The Fuzz

The Fuzz

Sour 4.5%
Same old bobby, same old beat, contradictory to perceptories, this portly feller’s quick on his feet. A well cheeky lil fizzy buzz for this ‘ere bizzie fuzz, he enjoys a right ...
The Double Matriarch

The Double Matriarch

Double NEIPA 8.0%
Over the years, The Matriarch’s grip on the underworld has grown ever stronger, her wealth and power now doubled! And as her enemies tumble around her, the first lady of ...

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