The Distributor

Hazy Double IPA 7.6%

The Distributor, this “debonair” dad- bod dude delivers the goods wherever The Matriarch needs. Right now he is distributing flavour just for you.  This hazy IPA is double dry hopped and will wash over you in waves of tropical bliss. Unlike this guy’s awkward dad jokes this is a velvety and silken beer that leaves you thinking of soft pillows and clouds but wake up this ain’t no featherweight. This moustachioed machismo thinks he’s the bomb but this hazy IPA is the bomb delivering an explosion of luscious and sultry tropical flavours.


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The Details

ABV 7.6%

IBU 30

Sabro, Citra & Galaxy

Coopers Ale, Coopers Schooner, Flaked Oats & Wheat


Tasting Notes

Food Pairing
Look for crisp and bright produce such as English peas, asparagus and artichokes to complement the mouthfeel of the hazy as well as the softer yet brighter pop of the hops. Green onions, ramps, scapes and spring onions can bring out the bittering hops a bit more. Careful, though, as you will want to cook these (light up that grill!) and use them to accompany cuts of meat and fish.