The Mini Matriarch

Session Hazy IPA 3.5%

Despite her apparent lack of strength, The Matriarch was always destined for notoriety. The silver spoon people assumed she was born with, she actually stole, that first foray into taking what was not hers giving her a taste for the good life. What followed was a hazy crime spree of the bourgeoisie, with their drawers of jewels and dinner tables piled high with exotic tropical fruits. Caches of juicy citrus, stone fruit, and pineapples are now hers to disperse; conspire with guns for hire, and realise her desire to build an empire.


sold out

The Details

ABV 3.5%

El Dorado, Mosaic, Citra

Maris Otter, Vienna, Oats, Wheat

Tasting Notes

Juicy Citrus, Stonefruit and Pineapple

Tropical Fruits