The Bandit

Red IPA 7.1%

The Bandit’s at large and on the run, headed Eastbound and down on an interstate transit in the Trans-Am. Illegal cargo in tow, a truckload of beer barreling towards the border, the CB reading loud and clear as he escapes both law and order. This big, dank Red IPA is a worthy pursuit, with Chewy caramel, cola, pine and marmalde to boot. While his red-hot Pontiac purrs across the pavement, the sky is blazingly sunny, The Bandit is in this for the money, the glory, and the fun. But mostly for the money. 


The Details

ABV 7.1%

Cashmere, Amarillo & Mosaic

Pale, Crystal, Shepards Delight, Munich, Redback, Carafa II

Tasting Notes

Caramel, Cola & Pine