The Embezzler Black IPA

Black IPA 6.5%

As part of our 50th beer at the brewpub, our 402 investors voted for their favourite beer style – They voted for a Black IPA.

Introducing The Embezzler Black IPA …

Poised to pounce on accounts of excess amounts, The Embezzler always skims a but off the top, leaving you with nothing but a thirst for the hop, and when those dark malts drop deep in the mash, he’s making a dash, his designer bag poppin with cash. His numbers are toast, deliberately sloppy, while this beer’s got roast, deliriously hoppy. Cooking the books is a white-collar crime, but with flavours balanced better than the ledgers, it’s a black IPA time


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The Details

ABV 6.5%

Simcoe, Centennial & Chinook

Ale, Carafa II, Black & Amber

Tasting Notes

chocolate, passionfruit, and stonefruit.

caramel, chocolate, toast, coffee