The Neighbour

IBU: 0
OG: 1.063
ABV: 7%
HOPS: Waimea, Wai-Lti, HORT 4337
MALT: Ale, Vienna, Gladiator

Everybody has good neighbours, even underworld bosses. Whether they are next door, down the street or across the ditch. People you share a story and a bond with. This beer is showing off what our neighbours have to offer.. amazing unique hops and family grown malts. Citrus, pine and tropical flavours burst through like a fly half out of the scrum. There’s cracker biscuits malt flavour in the body weaving it’s magic in the mix like a winger with some room to run, not overpowering like a NZ forward pack. The balanced bitterness leaves you thirsting for more

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The Imposter

IBU: 0
OG: 0
ABV: 6%
HOPS: Citra, Mosaic, Sabro
MALT: Ale, Vienna, CaraPils

Imposters, the world is full of them. From the giant companies masquerading as independent family owned startups to everyday con artists. You need to look carefully to see past the disguises but don’t worry there’s no deception with this beer. It’s an IPA, upfront an aroma of Citrus is backed up with flavours of complex tropical fruits. A low bitterness lets the fruit salad flavours shine along with a subtle malt backbone.

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The Merchant

IBU: 10
OG: 1.050
ABV: 4.8%
HOPS: Azacca
MALT: Wheat, Pilsner, Ale - Additions Feijoa and Lactose

Conspiring with us on this beer are the fine folk at Blackhearts and Sparrows, merchants of the finer things in life; purveyors of weird, wonderful & downright delicious libation. The Merchant is a feijoa hoppy sour, celebrating the unique flavours this fruit provides. A fruit salad of flavours; pineapple, guava & strawberry complemented with the addition of tropical Azacca hops

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The Park Ranger

IBU: 20
OG: 1.046p
ABV: 4.5%
HOPS: Mosaic, Simcoe, Centennial, Amarillo
MALT: Ale, Schooner, Vienna, Oats

This pale ale ain’t no walk in the park. Meet the Park Ranger, it’s hazier than your average pale ale and got pic-a-Nic baskets full of hops in it. The malt biscuits flavours are “bearly’ there letting the tropical and citrus fruits shine. We aren’t beating around the bushes this beer is about hops. Conspiring with the awesome team at The Park Hotel we bring you a double dry hopped hazy pale that makes you think you are walking through a forest of pine, citrus and tropical fruit trees. Ain’t that sweet Boo Boo

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The Distributor

IBU: 30
OG: 1.025
ABV: 7.6%
HOPS: Sabro, Citra, Galaxy
MALT: Coopers Ale, Coopers Schooner, Flaked Oats, Wheat (Adjunts: Lactose)

The Distributor, this “debonair” dad- bod dude delivers the goods wherever The Matriarch needs. Right now he is distributing flavour just for you. This hazy IPA is double dry hopped and will wash over you in waves of tropical bliss. Unlike this guy’s awkward dad jokes this is a velvety and silken beer that leaves you thinking of soft pillows and clouds but wake up this ain’t no featherweight. This moustachioed machismo thinks he’s the bomb but this hazy IPA is the bomb.

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The Wise Guy

IBU: 8
OG: 0
ABV: 5.0%
HOPS: El Dorado
MALT: Ale, Pilsner, Wheat (Adjuncts: Mango Puree)

This wise guy is a fast talker but definitely not a straight shooter. He’s got the answer, before you even ash the question. He’s the top lady’s right hand man and untouchable by the law and doesn’t he know it. For our 2019 GABS beer we have been inspired by a class Aussie Ice-cream, The Weis Bar and adda CoConspirators twist. We have taken a kettle sour beer and added a ridiculous amount of mango and a hit for lactose to take you back to summer afternoons in the sunshine. Aromas and flavours of ripe mango, stone fruit, creaky sweetness to take you back to your childhood and maybe sneaky adult) summers.

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